Thank you all for making the Clean and Green Hackathon the amazing success that it was. We encourage you all to continue developing your products! It was such a success, that our expenses far exceeded our expectations, so please contribute any donations you can here.

We'd also like to extend our appreciation to the event's judges: Eugene Cordero, a professor at SJSU; Chris Jones, the Co-Chair of the Behavior Energy and Climate Change Conference and Senior Researcher for UC Berkeley's Cool Climate Project; and Alex Volkovitsky , a developer at

Here are the results!

Grand Prize Winner: Better Buy

Team: Gavin McCormick, Colin McCormick, Anna Schneider, James Gill. 

Description: Are you in Best Buy about to buy an appliance? Let our app show you cheaper, better and cleaner appliances for sale in the same store. By listing how quickly you will end up saving money on your utility bills.  It could be expanded beyond best buy.


Screen Shot 2013-08-13 at 6.13.59 PM.png

Second Place Winner: Footprint

Team: Eric Chen, Mitchel Seaman, Jared Smith, Stephen, Paul Ku, Winy Jong, Manjia Zhao, Stephen Nguyen

Description: Most Carbon footprint calculators give you suggestions on what to do. There is a lot of Data Entry Required. But none right now, do a good job at motivating or engaging to pursue lowering your carbon footprint. We set up feasible way to send information from other apps like "Move" and other apps and compete against your friends to lower your Carbon Footprint.

Check it out here

Honorable Mention: Global Energy Display

Team: Oliver Castaneda

Description: Plot Global energy sources on 3D Globe. Using the Data from Wikipedia, we can show the amount of Coal Industries in around the Globe and the tons of CO2 emissions in the atmosphere. Also, show Windmills and Solar Energy around the World. Visualization this Data is very helpful and if we can make Wikipedia more interactive that would be a beneficial to students, economists and other environmentalists.

Check it out here:




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Entry: Rent Smart

Team: Jenny Lo, Kenny Higa, Oliver Castaneda

Description: Using the Data from Green Button and other utility meters we can push Landlords to upgrade their appliances or insulation in their homes to bring down the energy bill. Using this as an idea, renters can bargain with landlords, to either drive their rent down or upgrade their appliance, each way is a win-win situation. In the broader scheme of things, we reduce our carbon emissions from our households products.


Entry: Donation Leadership Board

Team: Jeremy Eaton

Description: Using the rally API, a Simple Leadership Board displaying top donors for a particular campaign to facilitate, friendly competition by visualizing top contributors. An extension for this would be to show contributors from a geographical region.


Entry: Climate Change Deniers

Team: Ron, Sonia 

Description: Meme Generator that spreads awareness using memes themed on climate change, by adding Unicorns, Moustaches and other fun accessories to re-tweeting these images on twitter or on Facebook.

Check it out here


Screen Shot 2013-08-12 at 8.52.36 PM.png

Entry:  Charge-O-Saurus

Team: Flora Kaplan, See Yew Mo, Karun Siddana

Description: A pet dinosaur, that lives on your phone from incubation to a full blown dinosaur and gives you advice on how to avoid extinction, when you use best practices on maintaining your phone battery in the most energy efficient way possible. Also extends the life of your phone battery.

Screen Shot 2013-08-13 at 10.32.48 AM.png

Entry: Social Motion

  Team: Ashrafi Siamak

Description: Using Google Glass, you can create a car sharing experience with your friends, get rid of parking lots, have self driving cars, and reduce the amount of cars on the road, eventually we won't need cars for the city.

Map your social network on a transit map to find the best mixed mode (walk, bike, subway, bus, carpool) path by providing destination relationships in real time. To use the excess calories around our waist for transportation and remove our dependence on foreign oil.
Screen Shot 2013-08-12 at 5.57.34 PM.png

Entry: Market Realtime

Team: Anari (Gamerholic), Jonathan Wolverton

Description: No matter what we do to decrease our CO2 emissions, the damage has been done. But to use an analogy, we can introduce renewable sources of energy to developing and underdeveloped countries. Using a PHP interface and web client, domestic producers can use their phones and SMS #product #price #name to a Phone Number.

Check it out here:  


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